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We offer coaching classes for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, GMAT with Offline and Online mode.

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Career Counselling, Universities Selection, SOP writing, Financial Domentation Assistance, VISA Assistance

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UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Europe. Select Country of Study and we will assisst you to Achieve your dream.

Maxxcell Achievers

Students that have gone through our regorous training courses have achieved 100% conversion in preferred course in Top Universities Abroad.

Welcome to Maxxcell Overseas Education Services

Goa's most trusted institute since 2013 for overseas counselling and IELTS/ GRE/ CAT Training. Maxxcell takes pride in its legacy of fulfilling the ambition of more than 5000 students by placing them in their dream universities across the globe and bagging upto 100% scholarships for many of them. Our students roar and shine in the competition by achieving 9/9 in IELTS, enter the best universities by claiming winning scores of 335/340 in GRE and 99%ile in CAT exam.

Our experienced faculty members and expert counsellors love to see a victorious smile on student's face and hence never think twice before going an extra mile for them. From the IELTS/ GRE preparation to Admission Counselling and VISA Process we hand hold students at every step of their study abroad journey! And trust us, we love to cater them!

Maxxcell's yet another distinguishing feature is its 98% Visa Success Rate. With this track record, we have sent hundreds of students to their dream destinations and are in the process of sending many more. We understand that applying for VISA is an overwhelming task. With enormous paperwork and documentation, it can break the most robust soul on this earth, but not us! Yes, Maxxcell's wise sages can shoo your VISA woes by supporting you at every step. Our experts have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you sail through this complex visa application process and claim your visa with greater confidence!

Students' love for Maxxcell Overseas

Treasure of knowledge

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Although we have shared all the information with you on our website, if there are any queries that are unaddressed,
you can find the answers to them below in our FAQs:

We are a premium service provider. Your Profile Evaluation,Un-biased University Recommendation, SOP/LOR/Resume review and Application Assistance is completely free. You can get the help of our Premium Counseling Experts in University/Course recommendation refinement, SOP Story lining and editing support for a service fee. Request a call back to know more.

We are the most trusted organization for overseas counseling and exam preparation. Our team of certified counselors and number of students studying abroad is the reason good enough to associate with us for your study abroad journey. We will support your international education journey not only in a transactional manner but also through your needs of accommodation, on-campus guidance. We are always available to you through our transparent communication platform.

No one can guarantee admission. If they do, they are lying. We maximize your admission chances by applying to 4-7 universities. Till date, we have 100% admit record for over 5000+ student applicants. Check our testimonials.

Your journey with Maxxcell is simple. Drop a text on WhatsApp number 8806788552.

Yes, we provide students with a list of questions that help you write your first draft of SOP post which our experts guide you on the subtle levels like language, tone, snytax and style.